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A Love Mismatch... Episode 5

Many parked cars glistened under the sun in the school parking lot of Beaumont Herford Academy. One particular guy was leaning on a white hummer. Lighting a cigarette, Tish looked around the campus, waiting for the twins to arrive. He was blowing smoke when someone came out from the back door of the school, carrying boxes that seem heavy for someone to carry alone. On instinct, he threw his cigar and moved forward to help. As he came closer, he realized that it was the headmistress, Grazielle Buenaventura.
Well, well, well… if it isn’t little miss perfect. I guess I better help her, Tish thought, amused.
He stood in front of her and took the boxes from her hands and said, “Let me help you.” He then put the boxes on his side like it weighed nothing and turned to her, “Where’s your car?”
The woman was surprised by the sudden intrusion and just stared at him, who is looking rakishly handsome with his short messy hair as if he had run his fingers through it several times.
“Miss Buenaventura?”

Regaining her equilibrium, she preceded him and went to her Mazda MX-5 Miata. “You can put it in here.” She instructed, opening the back of her car.

“Nice car.” He commented, and when he finished putting the boxes, he turned to her and smiled.

“Thank you for your help, Mr. …?”

“Just call me Tish. And you’re welcome.” He answered, giving her a nod and started to leave when she stopped him.

“How did you know my name? Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Actually, we met earlier.”

“Oh yes, that’s right. No wonder you seem familiar. You were with the twins, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s right, ma’am.”

“What’s your relation to them, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I was hired by their mother to protect them. You can say that I’m like their bodyguard.” He explained, smirking boyishly. “But, they mean more to me than just kids I have to look out for. They’re like family now.”

“Oh, I see. How dedicated of you.” She said primly.

“Yeah, anyway, I better go. Good day to you, miss Buenaventura.”

“Of course. Thank you again.” She said and smiled slightly.

He nodded and strode away from her car and returned to stand in front of the hummer. He watched as she seated herself in the driver’s seat and revved the car to life. He followed the car with his gaze, lighting another cigarette.

I wonder if your feathers can be ruffled, miss Buenaventura, he thought, mischief glinting in his eyes.





The bell rang, loud and clear, resounding throughout the campus. Doors opened and chatters of excited students ready for their nightly activities filled the hallways of the school. They started toward their lockers, piling their things for tomorrow’s classes again. Others went straight to the parking lot to go home and get ready at home to go out with their friends much later.

After putting all the things that are not needed until tomorrow in her locker, Yvon turned to her sister, “When will you be home?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps, after I finish the task assigned to me.” Devs shrugged.

“Please never dwindle. You have to finish early. Our mommies will arrive later tonight.”

“Alright. Alright. I know already. Quit nagging. Geez.”

“I am not! I just want you to finish early.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Devs said, walking outside towards the parking lot.

Yvon gave a sigh and followed her sister. They scanned the perimeter of the lot, looking for a white hummer.

“Uncle Tish said he’s bringing the hummer. Where is he?” Devs asked, looking around.

“There he is!” Yvon exclaimed, running towards the man leaning on the hood of the car. Upon the sound of their approaching running feet, Tish looked up and smiled at them.

“Hello, girls, how’s the first day of school? Made friends already?”

“Oh, don’t ask, got into trouble on the first day.” Devs pouted.

“She got a detention. She will be staying behind for her punishment.” Yvon piped in.

“Woah! Detention on your first day? Wow, baby girl, that’s quite a record. Your mommies won’t like this, especially your mama.”

“What?! Mama’s coming too?”

“Ooops, sorry…she was supposed to surprise you. She’s done in her work in Greece. But she’ll arrive a little longer than your mommies though.”

“Oh my gosh! I am so excited,” Yvon gushed and turned to her sister. “You better hurry in coming home, Devon Zerryne. We have a lot of cooking to do.” she said looking at her sister with narrowed eyes, threatening her.

“I know, okay? I’ll do my best to finish immediately.” Devs promised and glanced at her watch. “I better go if I want to finish early.”

“Do you want me to fetch you up later?” Tish asked.

“No, it’s alright. I’ll just ride a taxi or a bus. It’s better if you help Yvon cook some food for later.” Devs suggested teasingly, knowing very well how Tish loves to cook.

Tish laughed. “You know me well. Just take care in going home, alright?”

“Aye, Aye, captain!” Devs saluted and dashed off back inside with hasty goodbyes to both of them.




With the almost empty corridors, the tapping of the shoes on the floor could be heard loudly enough to those near distance. A boy was walking towards the stairs going to the second floor, with red headphones and seemingly entranced with the music he’s listening in to. As he was busy texting, he did not see the girl bending over her unlaced shoes. He bumped into her causing her to topple over and almost hit her face on the stairs.

“Shit! What the hell?! Are you trying to kill me?” Devs exclaimed, turning her head around looking for the culprit with murderous eyes.

The guy looked at her with wide eyes and froze for a second before his face turned impassive, looking her over once and muttered, “Oh. Sorry.” He then turned, and left Devs gaping at his retreating back.

“That’s all you’ve got to say?”

The guy turned back around and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “I already said sorry.” And with that, he rudely turned his back on her and left.

Devs was fuming. She can’t believe the gall of the guy. She stomped after him, thinking of ways of getting back at him.

As she reached the last step, she saw him turn to the direction she was heading: the office of the personnel.

Well, well, if I ain’t lucky… you’re dead meat, Devs thought menacingly. She ran after him. And as she neared him, she vaulted and smacked him directly at the back of his head. She then ran as fast as she could away from him.

“The hell!” Enrique shouted turning to see who dared hit him and he saw a girl laughing, running passed him. “You! Why d’you do that for? That goddamn hurts!”

He shot daggers at her but the only response he got was a laugh. That surprised him and watched as the girl gave him a knowing smile.

“That just serves you right. Rude people like you should be hit on the head!” she bellowed and stuck her tongue out at him, and turned around, running towards the door of the personnel office.

Instead of anger that would usually surge through him whenever someone pisses him off, a rumbling sound deep within surged up and he let go a shout of laughter.

This is the first time that someone has dared to hit him let alone laugh at him. And surprisingly, it’s refreshing for his set of mind. He’s getting tired of the scared looks and the obedience he get from people around him. Although some rumors are true, he’s not the monster they conjured up with.  He looked at the door where the girl disappeared into and an idea struck him. He smiled a very mischievous smile and headed straight for the door. It’s where he’s heading anyway.  

He silently opened the door and closed it with a click. The girl standing at the other side of the room, looking around, was still oblivious of his presence.



“Well, what a pleasant surprise,” Enrique said in a singsong voice. Upon hearing the taunting familiar voice, Devs spun around on her heels and saw the last man she wanted to see. She narrowed her eyes at him and said belligerently, “What are you doing here?”

“Now, that’s not how to greet the head of the personnel department.”

Devs scoffed and looked at him skeptically. “Yeah right, and I’m the Queen of Aliens.” She said, rolling her eyes at him.

“What? You don’t believe me?” He asked, feigning surprise and hurt.

“I’ll only believe you when you start telling the truth.”

“I am telling the truth.” He said, smirking at her.


She just rolled her eyes at him and went to sit to the empty chair at the front of the table, giving her back at him.

Enrique thought that she’s gonna ignore him when she spoke, “If you’re here to pick a fight or to get even for what I did to you earlier then you’re just wasting your time.” She bent her head backward so now that she’s looking at him upside down. “I don’t have the strength to fight with you and I’m too tired to even summon the wrath I had for you earlier.”

He watched her sitting there, looking at him upside-down with a look that bore confidence and haughtiness, and daring him to disregard her warning. And being the mule-headed as he was, Enrique stepped further into the room, walking towards the chair behind the big oaken table, in front of her.


Devs watched his every step and met his eyes head on.

“I’m pretty sure you’re here for detention, aren’t you miss…?”

Devs rolled her eyes and said, “Devon Zerryne Montebello. And yes, I’m here for my punishment,” she sat up straighter and looked at him pointedly. “Now, would you kindly leave ‘cause your face is sure making things irritating.” But to her surprise, the guy just burst out laughing, shaking his head in amusement. Her brows creased and looked at him like he’s gone nuts.

“What’s so funny?”


Devs just raised her eyebrow and looked at him expectantly to elaborate his answer.

“Let’s get back to business,” he said, ignoring her questioning look. “We’ll be cleaning all Science laboratories. Sign this paper for your attendance on your detention. It’s required for every student who is put to detention so don’t feel bad about it,” he said, smirking at her look of annoyance. “Now, if you’ll just sign here, then you’re good to go and start your detention.” He said, handing her a paper and pen and pointed to the bottom of the paper. Devs rolled her eyes and took the paper and pen and started filling up the form.


“Liar, Liar, Pants on fire.” Devs muttered in a singsong voice, looking up at him through her lashes, gauging his reaction. Enrique just smirked at her, not admitting to his lie.

After signing, she handed the paper to him and looked at him with a raise eyebrow.

“When are you going to ‘fess up?”

“Confess to what? I don’t know - …” Enrique was cut off as the door opened and a lady came in, a surprise registered on her face before the scowl settled in. She was eyeing Enrique through her glasses like one would to a petulant child.

“Enrique, what have you done this time?” she asked, walking forward behind the desk where he sat, “Don’t tell me you’re doing what I think you’re doing?”

“Relax, Meredith. I’m just doing you a favor by doing the strenuous task of facing cantankerous students.” Enrique explained good-naturedly, slouching in his seat, while eyeing Devs with a mischievous glint.
“Oh, hush child. You better get up on that seat before I give you worse punishment than cleaning the school!”Mrs. Meredith Porter warned. “And it’s Mrs. Meredith.”
“Alright. Alright, Mrs. Meredith.” He said emphasizing the “Mrs.” as he stood up, palms up and went to stand next to Devs, who have been just observing everything that happened. “Anyway, we’re going to clean the Science laboratories now. She already signed the paper. So, we best be on our way, then.”
Devs, who have been watching the exchange, finally spoke, “Who is she?” she asked, looking up at him.
“I’m the real Head personnel, dear.” She said, looking at her with a soft smile. Turning her gaze to Enrique, her scowl settled yet again on her face, “You better stop pretending to be the head of the personnel, young man, or I ought to really teach you a lesson. And please behave yourself. You’ve been in my care for years; it gets irritatingly boring seeing you almost every day.”
Enrique who just gave her a lopsided grin went to the old woman and hugged her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.
“This woman right here is the most gentlest of all gentlest.”
“Enrique, hush now!”
“What? It’s true. You’re like a mother to all the students here. Even if they treat you bad, you still hover over them like a mother hen.”
Mrs. Porter groaned, wriggling out of his embrace. But Devs noticed her expression softens every time she looks at him. 
“You two better go and start your detention before it gets dark. Hurry now.” She said, waving them out of the room.
The two went out and started walking up to the fourth floor in silence. Devs turned her head and looked at Enrique curiously.
“What’s your relation to her?”
“Who is Mrs. Porter to you for you to act like that around her?”
“Oh. I guess, you can say she’s the mother I never had.” Enrique said with a soft smile, lighting up his features. Devs nodded and they continued to walk in silence.

They turned the corner and arrived at several paneled doors.
“Well, we’re here.” Enrique announced with a sweep of his hand.
“Gawd. How many laboratories are there again?”
“Let’s just not count them. We better do our work.” He said, smirking at her and turned to the small door on his right side. He took out two buckets, two sponges, two rugs, two mops, two brooms and 2 dustpans, handing the other to Devs, who, at the moment, is becoming horrified of what lies ahead of her.
“Why so many… these?!” she exclaimed, looking up at him in shock.
“Duh. You can’t clean the laboratories with just a sponge now, could you?” rolling his eyes, he swept pass her and went to the first door next to the janitor’s closet. “Have you forgotten that we have to clean the whole laboratory?” he asked, sending her a sly smile. “Start cleaning!”
Devs just rolled her eyes and trudged to the door opposite his. They started their work in silence, all the while sending each other furtive glances.

Devs who was finished cleaning the fifth room put her bucket down and went to the last and eighth door. She emerged at the same time Enrique did in the opposite door. She didn’t look at him but turned to the bucket lying seven feet away from where she was standing and without hesitation, threw the rag into the bucket like a basketball player would do to a ball and shoot it inside the hoop. With skill and precision, Devs successfully threw the rag without as so much as a splash from the water inside the bucket.
“Wow. Where did you learn that?” Enrique asked, looking at her with an impressed expression.
“Devs shrugged and picked up her broom, “I play basketball back in New York.”
“I see. You’ve got skill. You should play!”
“Yeah. Like there’s a basketball team for women here.”
“Join the men’s basketball team then.” He said confidently.
“Are you kidding me?”
“No, I’m not. I’m on the team and I’ve read the rule book by heart.” He said, going to stand in front of her, looking at her with a glint in his eyes. “And there’s no rule there stating that women are not allowed on the basketball team for men.” He finished.
Devs raised one eyebrow and eyed him skeptically. “Are you suggesting I should join the team?”
“Why not? I can sense you have great skill and talent in this game and I bet coach would love to have you in our team.” He explained, smiling down at her. “Don’t tell anyone, but coach is agitated right now ‘cause the team has not yet reached his expectations. You see, he wants his team to be the champion on this year’s game. And he’s been looking for a good player.”
“You think I can do it and be able to get in the team?” she asked, doubts clouding her eyes.
“I don’t know…”
“Oh come on. You are better than half of my teammates. Let’s meet coach tomorrow after school. Meredith won’t mind if we’ll be late for an hour or so for detention.” He urged, smiling devilishly at her.
Devs’ reluctant smile at his urging had him whooping and throw a fist in the air, “It’s settled then, I’ll meet you tomorrow at the gym and we’ll talk to coach Westley.”
“I haven’t agreed.”
“Oh, you did. Your eyes say it all.”
Devs just shook her head and rolled her eyes.
“If you don’t want your eyes to permanently roll back, you better stop doing that.” He commented, smirking.
“Shut up. It is better that way than seeing your cocky face.”
Enrique laughed and ruffled her hair.
“Watch it, ass face. No touching of hair.” Devs scowled.
“Ass face?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “I assure you that this ass face is so handsome that it’s sinful to look at and lust after it.”
“Yep, it’s official. You’re the cockiest man on Earth.” She announced, walking pass him and took her bucket. Turning toward him, she asked, “Are you done? Let’s put these away and clean ourselves up.”
“Alright. I’ll meet you at the personnel’s office.”

Emerging from the comfort room, Devs went to the personnel’s office. Upon entering, she saw Enrique slouching on one of the couches opposite the windows.
“Why do girls take so long? Did you just take a bath?”
Devs ignored him and turned to the elderly woman sitting behind the oaken desk.
“What’s the agenda for tomorrow, Mrs. Porter?”
“Well, Miss Montebello, you and Mr. Moretti will be cleaning the canteens tomorrow. I’ll expect you right after your class.” She said, eyeing Enrique meaningfully.
“Is it alright if we are - …” Devs was about to ask but was cut off by Enrique who she hadn’t noticed was now standing beside her.
“We’ll be right on time, Mrs. Porter.” He said rather cheerfully, ushering Devs outside the room before she could say another word.

“What do you think you’re doing? We need to ask permission if we could be - …” she was cut off yet again for Enrique put a finger on her lips.
“Trust me, she won’t say yes to it. Besides, where’s the fun in that?” he said, mischief showing in his eyes. “The best things in life are the things forbidden to us. Seek the thrill, sweetheart.” He finished, chucking her under the chin.
Devs shook her head in helplessness and looked up at him again. “Only the atrocious of men wants the pleasure derived from… forbidden things.” she said in amusement, whispering the last two words. Turning around, she walked towards the stairs and spoke behind her shoulder, “Whatever, Enrique. Let’s just get out of here or my twin will get feisty with me.”
Enrique jogged towards her and started walking in her pace as he looked at her side profile curiously.
“You have a twin? Wow.” He remarked, trudging down the stairs. “What’s her name?”
Yvette Devon.”
“Is she anything like you?”
“Somewhat yes, why do you ask?”
“Nothing, I was just wondering if she is also as good as you in basketball.”
“She’s good at sports, too. But it’s not her passion. She doesn’t get pleasure from entering sports.”
“Oh, too bad. It would have been great if you two could join the team, then we will have two hot, beautiful women to distract the opposing team.”
Devs rolled her eyes yet again.

When they reached the parking lot, Devs suddenly cursed. “Shit, I don’t know where the hell is the bus stop.” She muttered and then turned to the guy beside her. “Hey, do you know where the bus stop here is?”
“A few blocks away from here. Why?”
“Why do you think? I’m thinking of riding it, duh.”
“I’ll give you a ride.”
“No thanks, I’m afraid of what you’ll do to me.”
“Hey! That’s just insulting.” Enrique exclaimed, mocking hurt. “Seriously come on, I’ll give you a ride. My baby is just right there.”
“Fine, that way I’ll save money.”
“Wow. I didn’t know someone who has been born with a silver spoon in their mouth couldn’t spare a few dollars.”
“FYI, I’m not born rich.” She clarified, following him towards his so- called baby. “I’m not gonna go into details of my “How the Montebello’s become rich”, just know that I don’t like wasting money, okay?”
“Fine by me.” He said, turning to the corner.
Devs stop dead on her track, her eyes widening and her jaw dropped.
“Please don’t tell me that’s your baby.”
“Yep, this is my baby right here.” He announced proudly, turning around to look at her. “Devs, meet my baby, Victoria.”
“Oh my gawd! That’s a Harley Davidson 48!” Devs exclaimed in awe and excitement.
“You know motorcycles?”
“Of course! I’ve been begging my mom to get me one.”
“Well, here’s your chance to ride the most beautiful bike with the most handsome guy you will ever see.”he cockily said, sending her with a devilish wink.
“Shut up and just give me the helmet so we can ride this sexy beast!”
“Hey! My baby’s a girl.”
“Whatever. Let’s just go already!”
“Gosh, excited much?” he muttered, but shut his mouth upon seeing her face. “Alright, put your helmet on.” He instructed and went to ride the bike.
Devs immediately put the helmet and excitedly place herself behind him, snaking her arms around him.
“Hold on tight, sweetheart. You’re in for the best ride!”
The motor roared to life and went zooming out of the parking lot.
Devs squealed as she felt the adrenaline rush through her veins, watching as the city just became a blur as they weaved their way through the city’s busy streets. Her hold on him tightened as he went faster, just barely stopping for red lights. She was having the time of her life, zooming in and out between cars.
“Faster, Enrique!” she shouted behind him.
“Your wish is my command.” He answered, sending them flying through the highway.

They reached a neighborhood of luxury apartments and penthouses and Enrique slowed the motor down along the silent streets.
They stopped to a high class apartment settled nearly at the end of the street. Devs got off and took the helmet off. She turned towards Enrique, happily smiling at him, handing him the helmet.
“Thank you for the ride.”
“You’re very welcome. See you tomorrow.”
Devs waved at him and trudged up to the building, she could hear the sound of the motor revved up, zooming out the streets.

She entered their apartment and the smell of delicious foods greeted her. As she turned the corner towards the kitchen, her sister was already standing by the door, looking at her meaningfully.
“Who was that guy?”
“Do not play dumb with me Devs. I saw you riding that thing.”
“That thing?” she asked, and rolled her eyes at her twin. “Oh come on, my twin, don’t be such a hypocrite. I very well know that you love riding motorcycles.”
“I never said I do not love to ride it,” Yvon said vehemently. “I am just concerned of who you were riding it with. You know very well that mother does not approve of us riding such thing. And be thankful that Uncle Tish is not around when you came.”
Devs sighed and slumped on one of the stools surrounding the island.
“He’s a… friend. Don’t worry. He’s a good guy,” she reassured.
“Just be careful next time.”
“Okay, I will. So, what should I do to help?”
“Clean up first and come back down here and peel those onions for me.”
Devs groaned, “ Seriously…onions? Why can’t Uncle Tish do that?”
“Quit whining and just do your work. They will be arriving in less than three hours.”


Yvon was busy shoving books in her locker, arranging them to her satisfaction. As she stuffed the last book, she heard someone called her name. She turned to her left and saw Dean running towards her.
“Yvon! Thank God I found you.” Dean exclaimed panting.
“Why? Is something wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong. In fact, it’s somewhat a good thing. Devs is coming to try for the basketball team.”
“I beg your pardon? It’s a men’s basketball team!”
“Uhm - …” Dean was cut off when a guy called his name. He turned around and saw James trudging towards them. “Hey, James, what’s up man?”
“Dean, what’s all about this girl trying out for our team?”
“Oh that. I’m actually explaining that to her sister.” He said, turning to the girl behind him. “Yvon, this is James. James, meet Yvon Montebello.”

James was surprised. Standing before him look like the girl he saw on New Year’s Eve. He shook his head, trying to get his composure and took the outstretched hand of the girl.

Wow. She definitely changed a lot, he thought. Eyeing her quietly, James noted that her hair is now curly, and her demeanor is somewhat like a lady back in the 1800’s.
She’s so prim and proper, so unlike that night on the street of Piccadilly... I wonder if she recognized me, he mused in bafflement.
But James’ thought was cut off when the girl spoke again, addressing Dean.
“Tell me what my twin has done this time.”
“She has done nothing at all. She’ll just gonna try the basketball team, that’s all.” Dean shrugged.
“Not bad at all for trying to a boy’s basketball team? That is preposterous! Has she lost her mind?”
“Hey, calm down. Coach in fact, wants to see how good she is.”
Yvon heaved a sigh and looked back at Dean, “I want to talk to her. Bring me to her. Now.”
Yep, she’s definitely a lady from the 1800’s. I wonder how she came about in this era, he thought, amused.
Dean scurried off towards the gym with Yvon on his heels.
James who was listening to their exchange, arrived at the conclusion that perhaps, she was not the girl she met that night… perhaps it was her twin.

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Author's Message

I want to apologize to all those who are reading my fanfic "A Love Mismatch". I know it took me longer to post updates than I used to. And I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. 
I'm not insensitive to your requests. I'm trying my best to upload as soon as possible. I don't want to post chapters that I'm not satisfied with. If I'm not satisfied with much more for you?

I just hope you'll still read and patiently wait for my upcoming updates.

I'm so sorry.

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A Love Mismatch... Episode 4

Empty comfort rooms are the best! Devs thought, putting the paper bag above the lavatory. She immediately took off her clothes and grabbed the pair of skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers in the bag. Putting on her new clothes, she checked herself on the wide mirror, fixing her hair and took off the little make-up she’d put on earlier. Satisfied, she smiled at herself and put on her hoodie. She was about to exit the comfort room when she remembered the guy earlier.

Ugh! I just hope he’s not outside anymore, Devs thought irately.
She took one last look of her appearance in the mirror and headed for the door. She opened it carefully and peaked out to check if the coast is clear. Seeing that the halls were still empty, she hurriedly walked out of the room and to the place she longed to go to since 2nd period. She walked through the empty school corridors silently, smiling at the thought of what she’ll have in just a matter of minutes.

As she rounded the corner, she smelled the tantalizing smell of baked cookies, pasta with the finest tomato sauce, steak and other delicious smelling food.

Ah … food is heaven! She sighed, sprinting her way to the cafeteria. She opened the glass door and went immediately to the counter, looking up the variety of foods being displayed.

An elderly woman with a kind face came out from the door beside the stalls of food. She smiled upon seeing Devs and came towards her.
“Is there something you like to order, dear girl?”
“Yes,” Devs replied happily, “I’ll have some lasagna, that chocolate cake over there…oh! And that little cupcakes too…hmmm, and that grilled steak, and also that garlic bread sticks and I’ll have orange juice please.” She finished happily, indulging her stomach’s growling for food.
“Wow, you have quite an appetite, my dear,” the old woman commented, smiling. “Are these all?”
“Yes, thank you.” Devs said, and took her order to the nearest table.

Eyeing the food displayed in front of her, she relish the first food that touches her fork, which was the steak.

Hmmm! Yummy!
Munch. Munch. Munch.

So engrossed was she on her food, that she barely noticed the two guys sitting two tables apart from her.

Drinking his pineapple juice, James eyed the girl who came breezing in the cafeteria a while ago.

Why does it feel like something about her is so familiar? James thought curiously.
She definitely got some pretty big appetite, but seems pretty thin to me…if her legs are any indicator.
He was out of his musings when the guy next to him spoke.
“I wonder if coach will have us practice to death this time. I swear that man is obsessed with torturing us.” The guy groaned, grabbing his can of coke.
“You know how coach is. He wants us to win the championship this year.”
“But still…”
“We’ll just have to live with it, Dean. If you don’t like the heat, you might as well quit the game.”
“Hey! You know, I love the game. I was just saying…tsss” Dean pouted.
James chuckled. “Then stop complaining, you idiot.”
“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, have you heard about Ivan?”
“What about him?”
“He’s pissed about a girl he met in the hallway earlier during class hours.” Dean stated and took a swig of his coke.
“Come to think of it, Enrique and I saw him earlier near the girl’s CR. Was he chasing the girl, then?”
“I don’t know. Maybe. Don’t know much of the details but Derek said he’s hunting the girl now,” Dean answered, chuckling. “He must be really pissed.”
“Knowing Ivan, he doesn’t let anyone go that easily, especially if that person broke the rules.” James replied, smirking.
“Yeah, Enrique is the living example of that.”
A loud clatter echoed through the empty cafeteria. James and Dean looked at the disturbance and saw a girl frantically stuffing cupcakes in her hoodie, seeming to be in haste.

So long food... Remember, I really want to eat all of you…but only cupcakes I’m gonna bring, Devs thought sadly, eyeing the remaining food on the table.
I’m pretty sure I was that girl these two was referring to. I better hurry and hide… hmmm, should I go on the rooftop or in the back garden?
I’m pretty sure I won’t be found with the size of this school… Devs thought, reassuring herself.

She ran out of the cafeteria and run through the long, wide hallways. Just as she was rounding the corner, the bell rang indicating that it’s time for lunch. Doors opened on either side of her, a sea of students swarm around her, making her escape dawdle. She cursed and saw her new-found friend, Marissa, with two more girls, but none of them was her twin. She run to them and called Marissa’s name.

“Ohmygawd, Devs! Where were you?! Oh, what am I saying…that’s not important right now!” Marissa rattled on, “Yvon! Something happened to Yvon!”
“Marissa, calm down!” the girl on her left exclaimed, turning to Devs. “Your twin was hauled by Ivan, our school president, right outside of her classroom. He accused her of breaking some school rules.”
“The hell!” Devs cursed loudly, attracting the other students roaming around. “It wasn’t my twin. It was me, damn it!” she swore, running a hand through her hair, messing it unconsciously. “Where did he take her?”
“I think they’re going to the Student’s Affairs office to decide on what her punishment will be.”
“It’s in the 3rd floor, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but Devs…” Marissa trailed off, watching Devs run to the third floor.

Damn him! If he ever hurt my sister I swear I’m gonna castrate him! Devs thought angrily.


“I will not tolerate this insult! How dare you accuse me of such nonsense?” Yvon fumed, sitting so erect on her chair facing her formidable enemy.
“Nonsense...? You think this is nonsense?!” Ivan reacted vehemently, “I saw you with my own two eyes, loitering around the hallways when it was obviously still class hours!”
“I can prove to you that I have not gone out of the room in any of my classes.” Yvon said in a very haughty voice which riled Ivan more.
“Oh, really…” Ivan mocked, “And how are you going to do that? Call your goons?”
“For your information, I don’t have goons. I rather call them FRIENDS.” Yvon corrected, giving her most icy look. “And no, I am not going to call them to prove that I have not broken a rule, but rather I would like you to ask the teachers that I have classes with.”
Ivan’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What? Are you afraid that the teachers would confirm that you were wrong afterall?” Yvon smiled an evil smile that lurks within. “Mr. Dickenson, it is not right to drag a person against his or her will.” Yvon said, pausing and letting what she said sink in to the idiotic man she thought in front of her. “You drag me against my will and you did not even bother to listen to what I have to say. You just directly accuse me of something I did not do. You do not even have proof that it was me you saw. You were the only one who saw me diddling, as you say I was, through the corridors. You don’t have any witnesses of my misconduct… am I right, Mr. Dickenson?” Yvon asked, smiling wickedly, knowing very well that the man in front of her is trying hard to control his anger.

Ivan was seeing red and this time he wants to wring the neck of the woman in front of her.
How dare she make me look like a fool?! You won’t easily get away with this, woman!

But there conversation was cut short when the door suddenly burst open, hitting the wall with a loud bang. And then a girl step inside like the reaper bringing them death.
Ivan was shocked for the girl looked very much alike to the person sitting in front of him; the only difference was the wild look in the girl’s eyes.

“You!” Devs shouted, pointing a finger at Ivan, “How dare you accused my sister of such crimes?!”
“Devs! What are you doing here?” Yvon asked, surprised.
“I should be asking you that. You shouldn’t be here. I should be the one.” Devs said, and then turned to look at the man sitting behind the oaken desk. “I presume this bird-brained of a man drag you here and outright accuse you.”
“You’re twins?” Ivan asked, dumbly.
“Obviously.” Devs snorted, “If you weren’t so stupid enough, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. If only you had controlled your emotions and not let suffice your irritation for my bad behavior then you wouldn’t be this irrational.” Devs said, piercing him with her stare. “I want you to release my sister now. I was the one who broke your precious rules, Sir.”

“Devs, are you sure about this?” Yvon asked her sister.
“Yeah, get out of here. Let me deal with this guy. I’m prepared to take my punishment.” Devs answered, winking at her sister.

Yvon turned back to Ivan and then with a look of disdain, she went out of the room.

“Now then… where were we? Ah, oh yes. I committed a… I guess in your book, what I did would equal to as a crime. So, what my punishment will be?”
Ivan looked at her, staring at her hard for what felt like hours. But Devs never even flinched from his stare; she equaled his with the same intensity.

“Do you know that you’re disrespectful?” Ivan said suddenly. Devs eyes widen a fraction. But what she did next riled Ivan even more. She threw her head back and laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Ivan asked with a raised brow.
“You have the gall to tell me I’m disrespectful? Now tell me, what you did back then during our encounter outside the girls’ comfort room wasn’t disrespectful? Do you know what you sounded like during those times? I just retaliated by acting the same way as you did,” Devs pointed out, cocking her head to the side, eyeing him. “You’re a tyrant. I bet you talk that way to all students who broke school rules. You may be the student body president, but you’re not above us at all. Girls may fawn over you but it’s just because of your looks and not because of your personality. Are you like this if a student from here commits a mistake?”

“You don’t know me that well to judge me just like that.” Ivan said, leaning back to his chair, never leaving his gaze from her. “If I’m not strict with them, they’ll just take me for granted. I know I was just being elected as the President of the student body and with that kind of responsibility is a great burden. Righting wayward students are never easy, especially in this school where all students are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They are spoiled rich kids, always getting what they want. I need to tame them for their own sake, mine and most especially for the school.” Ivan said feeling rather depleted.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked up and gaze back at her with an expression of calmness.

“I apologize for my behavior earlier, Miss Montebello. I was rather in a bad mood already when I spotted you in the corridor. I shouldn’t have taken my anger at you. I’m sorry.” Ivan said, straight-faced.

“I’m sorry as well for my behavior. Now, I must be careful not to get caught from you.”

Ivan’s brows shot up and he chuckled, shaking his head, looking at her with amusement.
“You remind me of my friend.”

“Really now.”

“Yes. Anyway, let’s get down to business. We may have cleared our misunderstandings but we both know you’re not off the hook yet.” Ivan said, his face turning serious.
“Damn, and here I thought I’ll be able to get out of here safe and sound.” Devs joked, faking an irritated look. But, Ivan seemed to know her fa├žade for he smiled in amusement.
“Not quite, Miss Montebello. I still have to punish you for your misbehavior. So now, let’s let you choose on what punishment you would like,” Ivan stated, opening the side drawer and extracting some files and laid them out in front of her. “You have four punishments to choose from. First, we have the “Tutoring”. In this punishment, you’ll be tutoring a student for a whole month, 7 days a week. Second, we have the “Clean-out”. You’ll be cleaning some parts of the campus after classes on weekdays for a month. You will report to the head of the staff personnel of the school which is Mrs. Porter. Third is the “Outreach program”. You will attend the school’s outreach program every weekend, for ten Saturdays in all. Fourth is the “Cook of the school”. You’ll be serving the school during lunches and you’ll also help cook the food to be served. Now, which of these will you choose?” Ivan asked as he finished explaining, looking up at her expectantly.

“Are you a sadist?!”
“Excuse me?”

Gawd! Your punishments are stressing me out.” Devs huffed, slouching in her seat. She looked at him and gave him a look. “Are you trying to kill the students here?”
Ivan laughed. “It’s not like that, Miss Montebello. If I don’t give them a hard punishment then they won’t really learn.”
“Yeah, whatever. Anyway, I chose the “Clean-out.”
“Alright, just sign these papers and you can start your cleaning session this afternoon.”
“Why do I have to sign these and why does it have to start today?”
“We need to record them and it’s better to do it now than later. I don’t believe in postponing things off. Why do we have to delay things when we can do it today?”
“Gawd, you are irritating.” Devs huffed, looking at him balefully.
“I get that a lot.” Ivan smirked.

“So, that’s it. After your last period, you need to go directly to the office personnel and you’ll find Mrs. Porter there. Don’t dawdle in going there or your punishment will be extended.”
“Sadist…” Devs murmured, casting him a look before turning her back on him.
“I heard that, Miss Montebello.”
Devs turned back on him, looking irritated. “Stop calling me “Miss Montebello.” Just call me in my name. I’m Devon Zerryne, Devs for short. I gotta go, I’m hungry. Bye, Ivan. See you around.” Devs smiled wickedly, eyeing his I.D. meaningfully and stalked out of the room.
Ivan watched as she walked out and closed the door.
This girl will definitely be entertaining to watch out for. I wonder if she will still break the school rules, Ivan thought, smiling at the challenge in facing those twins.
Devon Zerryne… what would be the other twin’s name might be?


Devs walked back to the canteen and looked for her twin and their friends. She saw them sitting at the table near the windows. Yvon saw her then and waved at her  to join them. She run to them and took the seat next to her sister and banged her head on the table in the process.
 “Hey, how did it go?” Yvon asked.
“I got detention. I’ll not be joining you in going home. I have to stay for the “clean-out”.
“You chose the clean-out?! You should have just chosen the out-reach program!” Yvon exclaimed.
“You know how lazy I am during Saturdays. It’s better to be cleaning the school, I’ll just think of it as exercise.”
“What about tutoring?”
“I don’t have the patience.”
Yvon sighed, looking irritated at her sister.
“Let her be, Yvon. It’s of her choosing.” A girl sitting beside Marissa said, looking at both of them.

Devs looked at the people sitting in their table. She realized she doesn’t know the two girls sitting opposite them. She looked at her sister and cast her questioning look.
“Oh, let me introduce you to them.” Yvon said, “This right here is Jennifer, you can call her Jenna. And that is Janine.” Yvon finished, smiling.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Devon Zerryne, but you can call me Devs.”
“Hello, nice to meet you, too.” Janine piped up, all bubbly and smiling.
But Jenna just acknowledged her with a nod.
Sensing her sister’s confusion, Yvon readily explained. “Do not worry, Devs. Jenna is just like that.”
“Just like what?” Jenna asked, looking at her with a rather passive look.
“Like a no-care-what-happened-to-you-look and replying in three to five syllables only most of the time. You’re the cutely weird of this group, remember?” Marissa said proudly, as if she just hit the right target.
“I am not.” Jenna said, and returned to look at the book she’s been reading.
“Yeah whatever, deny it all you want.” Janine said, rolling her eyes. “Oh by the way, we’ll have next class together! P.E.!”
“Ugh…P.E.” Marissa groaned.
“What’s wrong?”  Devs asked. “Who’s our teacher, anyway?”
“Oh, you don’t wanna ask…”
“You’ll see.”
“So, who’s our teacher?”
“Ms. Genesis.” Janine piped in, munching on her salad.
“Our teacher’s a woman?”
“Yeah, boys and girls are separated during P.E.” Jena explained. “Mr. Westley handles the boys’ P.E. class and he’s also the basketball team coach.”
“Is there any girls’ basketball team here?”
“Duh. That’s a stupid question to ask, Devs. Can you see the girls here? They’re vainer than a queen.”
“But, you’ll get sweaty during P.E., right? What are they gonna do then?”
“Oh, it’s only in P.E. time they are willing to be sweaty, because on the far side of the gym are where the boys’ P.E. class is held. And they like to strut their stuffs at them, wearing the shortest shorts and the skimpiest tank tops.” Janine explained, rolling her eyes.
“Enough of that… let’s just eat our lunch.” Jenna said, closing her book and took out a lunch box.
“Oh my gawd! Bento!” Devs exclaimed, “Can I have one of those rice rolls?”
All of them ate their lunch and continued chatting on random things, creating bonds of friendship.


Swishing of clothes could be heard above the exuberant chatters in the girls’ shower room. The girls are taking their time changing into their P.E. clothes, trying to delay going to their class. Gossips, names of boys, laughters and giggles are floating around the room but five certain girls are talking about something else entirely.
“Hey, let’s get together this Saturday.”
“Yeah, let’s go shopping!”
“Or watch movies!”
“Hey, twinnies, are you both free this Saturday? Come with us.”
“Yeah sure, Yvon and I can come with you guys… just text us the time and place.”
“Alright!” Marissa exclaimed, “Then it’s a date!”

Their chatters suddenly died down when a shrill of an alarm echoed throughout the whole gym. Everyone seemed to freeze for a minute. Suddenly, everybody is practically shoving clothes and shoes on themselves. Different apparels had gone flying in the air in different directions. Everyone seems to be all in a hurry.
“What’s going on?” Devs asked.
“Our teacher is here. Hurry! Or we’ll end up in detention for being late.”
“It seems to me, everyone is afraid of our P.E. teacher.” Yvon commented, eyeing everyone curiously.
“Oh, everyone’s afraid of her, alright. She always wears this T-shirt where the words ‘Bite me’ are written,” Janine hushed. “It feels like she’s sending a challenge like ‘Try and bite me or you’ll face dire consequences.” She shivered.
“So, everyone think she’s the terror in this school. The living tigress.” Jenna added, sending everyone a bored look. “So, what…  It’s not like she’s gonna kill us.”
“Well, we’ll never both know until we meet the woman.” Devs said, glancing at her sister.
“Yes, we might as well get going so we can meet that living tigress you say.”

Everyone run out of the shower room and immediately situated themselves on the left side of the gym, where their teacher is not waiting, looking so menacing, standing rigidly, eyeing them meaningfully.
They settled themselves and formed a horizontal line facing their teacher. They waited for the teacher to give them the next instruction but they were only met with silence.
“Sit down.” The teacher suddenly spoke, making some of the students jump. “Didn’t you hear me? I said sit down, squat on the floor, if you must!”
The girls hurriedly sat down, most made a face sitting on the dirty floor of the gym.
“Would you rather have me let you sit outside, in the soccer field, under the sun? If you don’t, then never let me witness such faces.” The teacher said in her threatening voice.
She started walking in front of them, circling them like a predatory, ready for the kill. “I want you all to be here even before the bells rings. Do you understand?”
“I can’t hear you. Do you understand?” she repeated in her booming voice.
“Yes, ma’am!”
“Good. Now, you must all know me. But, I see some new faces so I’ll make the introductions again.” She said, eyeing the twins. “I’m Genesis Berwick. I will be your P.E. teacher for this school year. I only have three rules for you, ladies. One. Never be late or it will be detention for you. Two. Always wear your uniform. If you’re incomplete, there will be punishment waiting for you. Three. Never let me see you whine or complain. I do not tolerate childish and foolish acts in this class. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am!”
“Now, everyone stand up and have your warm-ups. I want you all to run five laps around the gym.” She ordered. “Now, move.”

Everyone dispersed and started running, none of the girls are talking. They run in silence, glancing at the teacher every once in a while.

After an hour, the teacher let them gather around the corner of the gym and gave them her last minute instructions.
“Okay everyone, gather up,” Ms. Genesis ordered “Hurry!”
They stood in front of her, looking tired and sweaty.
“Now, for next meeting, we will be playing dodge ball. I will be dividing you into two groups. Be ready for it.” She said and let them go to the shower room.

Suddenly, some girls went squealing and it started a commotion.
“What is happening?” Yvon asked, looking beyond the squealing girls, looking at what they are screaming about.
“Oh my gawd! It’s the team, the rowdy cubs’ basketball team!”Janine, shrieked, looking excited as everyone.
“They are the school’s basketball team. They must have hit the showers while we’re in class!”
“So what... why do they have to squeal?”
“You have got to be kidding me! They are the hottest boys in this school!”
“And one of them is my boyfriend.” Marissa sighed in a dreamlike trance. “Dean!” she suddenly called out and one of the guys suddenly turned to their direction, searching for the voice. Upon seeing Marissa, he smiled broadly, waving frantically at her. Marissa waved back and blew him a kiss. Dean acted as if he’s catching it and put his palm on his lips and then placed it on his heart. Marissa giggled like there’s no tomorrow. The guy standing beside Dean started talking to him and looked at their direction. Devs who was attentive during the exchange between Marissa and Dean, still didn’t take her eyes off from Dean, seeming amused by the exchange of puppy love. She saw the man standing beside Marissa’s boyfriend looking at her intently. She looked back just as intense as his. But then, he suddenly threw her a telling smirk which cause Devon’s hackles to rise. She turned her attention ahead of her and tried not to look at the obnoxious guy earlier.

They reached the shower room and went to their individual lockers.
“Who are those guys, anyway?” Devs asked “Are they really that popular here?”
“Yes. They are the heartthrobs of the school.”
“Really now.” Yvon commented, looking skeptical.
“Yes, really. Guy number one, James Michael Laderrick. Captain of the basketball team, he’s the guy standing near Dean.  Guy number two, Ivan Matthew Dickenson; he’s the point guard of the team. Guy number three, Enrique Renzo Moretti. He’s the power forward of the team. He was the one with a messy hair. Guy number 4, Samuel Kyle Pierrere. He’s the center of the team. He’s the one beside Enrique. Aren’t they just perfect? And then there’s Dean, Derek, Alec and the list goes on.” Janine sighed, feeling elated.
“So, the school president of the student council plays basketball, too.” Yvon remarked, eyes darkening. “I just hope he has the decency to control his temper during their games.” She added, scowling as she remembered what happened earlier.
“Oh, don’t underestimate them. They are good at their game.”
“Yeah, whatever. Let’s just change clothes and get out of here.” Devs said, taking out her towel and went to the empty shower stall.